About Us

Established in 1985, Dog Food Buyer has been selling quality pet food and supplies to serve both domestic and international markets. The success of our business is based on excellent customer service and top-quality products.

Dog Food Buyer supplies and manufactures pet products, which allows us to give control over the quality and craftsmanship of the products we sell. We are an original pet food distributor that was created for pet owners, by pet owners.

To date, we have become the preferred dog food supplier used by hundreds of dog schools, training clubs, kennels and pet owners across the United States.

Since our beginning, we have made our business become a mission to make life easier for both pets and their owners. We strive to produce the best products and supplies in pet health care. Over the years, we have met with specific requirements and training to better ensure that we provide only the best dog and pet food on the market.

We at Dog Food Buyer, we understand how important the diet and health for dogs can be. That is why we have built our site to become the best resource to help pet owners find all the tools and information they need to better care for their canine pets.