What to Look for in your Dog’s Favorite Treats

What to Look for in your Dog’s Favorite Treats
What to Look for in your Dog’s Favorite Treats

Treats are a great way for rewarding your dogs – whether they learned a new trick, followed a command, or simply behaved well.

Many pack leaders take the time to select the right dog foods but seldom consider the dog’s health when it comes to a new treat. After all, it’s a special reward to enjoy, right? Unfortunately, treats can end up doing more harm than good and even lead to health issues like obesity. This is particularly true when treats consist of fat and empty calories. That is why it is important to do your research and choose treats that are not only good for your dog but something they will enjoy.

Here’s what to look for in your dog’s favorite treats.

No Sugar Added

Sugar can appear in many different names such as corn syrup, caramel, or sucrose. But this sweetener is unnecessary for your dog’s daily treat. In fact, eating too much sugar can lead to tooth decay, hypoglycemia, obesity, arthritis, cataracts, nervousness, and allergies.

No Salt Included

Often listed as salt, iodized salt, sea salt, or sodium chloride, salt is a required nutrient that does not need to be taken in large amounts. Salt is known to lead to health issues that include an increase in heart rate, water intake, dry mucous membranes, hemoglobin concentration, and restlessness.


Soy is often added to pet treats as it is a cheap substitute for meat protein. However, it provides little benefits for dogs while being a common allergen.

No Dairy

Dairy products are often found in pet food and treats. However, it is a common cause of allergies and sensitivities. If you notice your dog experiencing such symptoms, be sure to consult your vet right away.

No Grain

Consider a treat that is free of grains. Dogs are natural meat eaters, which is why they require more protein. Dogs who eat high amounts of grain rather than protein will suffer poor effects of irritable bowel syndrome and more.


One label search worth mentioning is that it is ideal to choose treats that are made in the USA. This is because other countries do not consider the quality of ingredients in their pet food and opt for cheap substitutes that may cause more harm than good.

What are your dog’s favorite treats? Comment below and let us know!

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